4 Day Class

Our oldest students (ages 4 years old by June 1) meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in a class that prepares them for kindergarten, while honoring the children they are today.

At the same time, our co-op program provides a multi-cultural, caring, supportive community for their families. Our 4 Day kids meet on campus three mornings a week, and meet offsite the fourth morning for “Nature Day”, where they commune with trees, hike on trails, explore streams, marvel at nature, and work together in an outdoor setting.

4 Day kids spend their school year in their very own classroom where they can work together on ongoing projects, out in our large yard where they can interact with a larger group of kids, and out in the woods where they can learn about nature, sharing experiences in: art, science, music and movement, carpentry, gardening, cooking, sensory play, dramatic and imaginative play, block play, climbing, swinging, dress up, games, working out problems, “writing” and drawing, sandbox play, sharing books, construction toys, riding toys, group singing, story times, discussions, & more.

But what are they learning as they “play”?

Cognitive growth:
Foundations for math, reading, language, memory, logic, music, and science are built as children participate in group singing and storytimes, take roles in mini-dramas, play games together, explore the forms and meaning of numbers and letters in relevant, developmentally-appropriate ways, participate in hands-on exploration of science, construct with blocks, explore patterning through art and games, and practice problem solving and questioning about the world around them. Our children arrive at kindergarten excited about questioning, considering, and learning.

Physical growth:
Coordination, fine and large motor skills, sensory processing are practiced through tactile play, drawing and “writing” at the writing center, stringing beads, building with construction toys, climbing, balancing, swinging, and mastering wheel toys.

Social growth:
Social skills, the most important foundation for school success, are built under the guidance of loving adults through conflict resolution, turn-taking, learning to hear others’ needs and perspectives, helping others, learning to be the “expert” and the “beginner”, to seek and receive help.  Children learn strategies for joining in, and welcoming others, as they develop friendships and learn to work and play together.

Emotional growth:
Self-esteem and self-confidence are built as children are lovingly supported in waiting for turns, accepting disappointments, expressing feelings appropriately, trying new things, learning strategies to take risks and to handle strong emotions in themselves and others.

4 Day Pre K is for parents, too!

Sunnymont-Westside 4 Day Parents come to school with their children one day each week to work as a teacher’s aide alongside our experienced teacher. Evening parents’ classes help parents learn about their children’s development and learn techniques for guiding their children’s development at home and at school. Families gain by belonging to a strong, multi-cultural community of like-minded parents who share knowledge and support with each other.