Sunnymont-Westside Preschool is dedicated to providing our children the best possible start toward future academic and social success. Scientists studying learning have confirmed what our hearts have always told us: children learn best through hands-on experience, when their curiosity is peaked, when they feel safe and loved, and when they are having fun. This is what we strive to give our kids. Westside is a Parent Co-operative Nursery School. This means that we are a school for families, not just for children. Our parents invest in our school and in their children’s education in many ways. Parents work as teacher’s aides in the classroom, learning how to present lessons in art, music, math concepts, reading readiness, science, and problem-solving alongside our experienced, fully-accredited teachers. Parents also attend parent education classes in the evenings, take on a family job to help run the school, take turns helping to clean the school, and work together to raise the funds it takes to maintain a program such as ours.

We provide our children a strong foundation in values and responsibility. At Westside, learning to work together and solve problems respectfully is key to our curriculum for young children. In addition to a rich variety of activities that foster children’s academic and physical growth, we provide many experiences for learning to work together cooperatively and learning to contribute as a community member.

Our program works to build well rounded, confident children. Westside kids are given opportunities for learning through play, exploration and problem solving in as many areas as possible. Each day, our kids experience music, science and nature, art, math and logic, stories and language skills, building toys, large and small motor development. Guided by attentive, nurturing adults, our children learn that school is a place to feel successful and to make and share new discoveries each day.