Our Director Justine Saffir wins LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD

Congratulations to our Director and teacher Justine Saffir for winning the Teacher/Director LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD at the recent conference for California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS).

This is a special award designed to honor a teacher or director who has devoted a significant portion (many years) of her life in service of the parent participation movement.

I think anyone who knows Justine will agree it was extremely well deserved. Congrats Justine!

Some of the quotes from parents include: 

"Her creativity knows no bounds. A dead lizard, water splashed from a puddle, or pumpkins in varying stages of decay are all teachable moments."

"She taught us that little people have big rights and it's our job to advocate for all of them."

"In each and every situation there is meaning to be found. Justine is always there to help you find it."