Sunnymont-Westside is a parent co-operative nursery school where children are valued just as they are, where parents and children learn together, and where teachers and parents work together to enhance each child's cognitive, physical, social, emotional and creative growth.

Our school is a developmental, child-centered, play-based enrichment program for children, combined with a relationship and responsibility-based parent education program for parents. Our goal is to set up an environment where children can experience learning opportunities through their play and through their interaction with other children and adults. This means that:

We base our program on play, because play is the way that nature designed children to learn. As children explore their environment in a hands-on way, with the support of adult guidance, they grow, develop, and learn physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively in the most effective way possible. This does not mean that we don’t value cognitive and academic learning, but that we approach all learning through play. Sunnymont-Westside Parent Co-op Nursery School believes that this environment will help young children develop trust in themselves and in others as they explore their own world.

We believe that each adult and child among us is a “package deal” of gifts and struggles , and that each of us deserves to have our gifts acknowledged and our struggles supported. We also recognize that some children (and adults) are born with “easy” temperaments, and others with more “difficult” temperaments, and that this is a normal part of being human. No one is expected to be perfect, and we are all expected to continue learning. Teachers help parents to learn about temperament, multiple intelligences, and personal styles of all the children, and how to best meet the needs of each in the school environment. Parents are expected to embrace the chance to learn from working with a variety of different types of children.