A cooperative business is one which is owned and operated by its users, and that’s what our cooperative nursery school is. Your “co-op responsibilities” are the things that you do to help operate our organization. Together, we all make our school an amazing environment for our kids and families.


Each family spends 1 day a week in their child’s classroom working directly with the children. Each family is asked their preferred day to work each week, and then everyone’s needs are juggled to form a schedule. Each month, you’ll get a calendar showing which classroom helper jobs you’ll hold each week.


We meet as adults one evening each month for a “Parents’ Class.” These are your training sessions for your classroom work. Some of these will be all-school meetings, and some will be just you and your classmates (the “staff” of your child’s class).


Each family performs tasks (or buys out, covering the cost of getting the job done another way) to help run our cooperative. Each family is asked their school jobs preferences for the year, and families and jobs are juggled so everyone has a place to contribute that works for their family.


All families help participate in keeping our school clean and well-maintained. Each family comes in once to join other families at a Maintenance Workday, and once over a weekend to help with Weekend Cleanup chores.


Each family contributes a 4 hour shift to support a community event, outside of their own school job. Events include fundraising events, social events, and marketing events.


We’ve chosen to set tuition to cover only part of the cost of running our school. We make up the rest by fundraising. This keeps tuition lower and lets the larger world help support our programs. Each family helps our fundraising efforts by making an annual, tax deductible (meaning the government helps!) contribution to the school and by participating in other fundraising opportunities and events throughout the year. This allows families to choose whether to donate more, or participate in fundraising opportunities more, and allows big business to help support our school.