What's special about Sunnymont-Westside?

Our school environment is magical in that it brings out the best in all of us.

Sunnymont-Westside shows children how to solve problems and attain results.

When some Sunnymont-Westside kids had a dispute over sharing old tires we sometimes play with outside, their teacher asked them to think of a solution that would work for all involved. After several ideas, a four-year-old suggested that if we had more tires, there would be enough for everyone.

Another child accompanied the teacher to make calls to tire shops to ask them to donate used tires. The children got their tires, worked together to move them from our gate to the play area, and took pride in their resourcefulness as they played together.

Sunnymont-Westside provides a nurturing environment for children and parents.

A Sunnymont-Westside mom recently wrote in a note to her teacher, “Thanks for taking the time to help. I've been struggling with this issue and not feeling like I was getting anywhere. Now I see why it wasn't working. Thanks to watching you in class the other day and your lovely e-mail, I now have wonderful ideas and great words to use. I can't wait to start working on this problem with my son.”

Sunnymont-Westside teachers are led by the children in learning new things.

After some children showed an interest in counting everything in sight, a Sunnymont-Westside teacher spent her weekend assembling materials to make a puppet story and other activities out of a favorite counting book. She shared her ideas with another teacher, whose class got even more excited, and also became curious about an animal in the counting story. A science unit to study the animal was in place by the next day.