Outdoor Activities

Bike Road. There is a path where the children can ride on trikes, cozy coupes, tractors, three wheeled scooters, flying turtles, and more.

Sandbox. The sandbox is a great place for learning about sharing space and cooperation. As children explore the sand, they are building motor skills, coordination, scientific understanding, problem solving, and teamwork.

Climbing Structures and Motor Skills Activities. Children learn self confidence, balance, spatial awareness, motor planning and proximity as they explore our monkey bars, tire swing, and climbing house.

Music Area. We encourage children to learn the joy of singing, and some of the foundations of understanding of pitch, tempo, and music as artistic expression. Musical instruments are always available to the children, usually outdoors so others who are sensitive to noises can be comfortable, too.

Garden Area. We have a children's garden areas where our kids can dig in the dirt, plant and pick flowers and learn about life cycles.

Tire Swing. In addition to being fun, our tire swing also offers many other learning opportunities. How many kids do we have swinging? How can we share the space? Who will help push?

Sensory Activities. In addition to our frequent indoor sensory activities, the outdoor classroom offers many opportunities for sensory exploration. We have tables and pools for activities such as water play, shaving cream play, birdseed sifting, or melting ice blocks.

Special Projects. Brought in by parents, these projects may be offered inside or outside. Parents are encouraged to share their passions (dance? gardening?) their cultures (cooking? games from your own childhood?), their hobbies (sewing? a seashell collection?) or an activity of their child's choice (a favorite art activity? a scavenger hunt?) Special projects allow the children to learn more about you, and allow you to share what you want to with the children. Parents have brought their cars in to wash, their dogs in to brush, or simply built blocks with the children.