Weekly Workday: Parents and children learn together at Sunnymont-Westside.

Sunnymont-Westside parents come to nursery school with their children one day each week to work alongside the teacher as teacher's aides. This provides many benefits to both the children and the parents.

The children benefit from the rich variety of activities and experiences that the different adults can provide. They also learn to respect and interact easily with adults as well as children.

The parents benefit from the chance to learn from the teacher and other parents about children's development and learning, and to learn more about their own unique child. Parents enjoy knowing what their children do at school, and form deep friendships with other families.

How it works

Each family is assigned one day a week to work in the classroom. For example, you might be assigned to work every Thursday. In the Little Ones class you will remain with your child and supervise your child's activities on your workday. In the Toddler, 2, 3, and 4-day classes you are assigned an area of the classroom or yard to supervise.

Each workday, you will have a job card to guide you through the day.

Tasks on the different job cards include sweeping the floors, supervising the climbing structure, bringing and serving a healthy snack, supporting children while they do artwork, or observing a child's activities. Both the teacher and other parents are always available to offer advice and assistance.