8 cups flour
4 cups salt
6 tablespoons cream of tarter
1 cup oil    
Food coloring, liquid watercolor or cake icing coloring
Scents or extracts, if desired
8 cups boiling water.


  • Mix together dry ingredients in large bowl. Stir them thoroughly.  Mix together liquids and add to dry ingredients, stirring continuously. 

  • It is important that the water be very close to boiling, in order to cook the playdough as it goes in.

  • If the playdough does not appear cooked (slightly translucent and less gooey, microwave it in small batches or stir it over medium heat to finish the cooking process.

  • Stir until smooth.  Knead. 

  • Do not put in plastic container until cool (some people find it easier to halve the recipe and make two smaller batches).

  • Note:
    If you add liquid watercolor to the dry ingredients, you’ll get a spotted playdough that slowly turns to a uniform color.

    If you add the liquid watercolor to the boiling water, you’ll get a uniform color from the start. Both effects are nice!