Teachers’ Favorite Books for Children (and Parents!)

Click on the teacher below to see what their favorite books are, and how they share them with their class! There are also parenting books they recommend that get discussed during the monthly parents’ classes, which many parents find helpful to understand the philosophy of parenting and teaching at Sunnymont-Westside.

The information below may contain affiliate links. If you buy a book through one of those links, you won’t pay a penny more, but Sunnymont-Westside will get a small commission, which helps support our teachers, the curriculum they plan, and scholarships. So thank you for supporting our school!

Debbie’s Favorite Books to Share with the 1 Day and 2 Day Children

Justine’s Favorite Books to Share with the 3 Day Children

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Rebekah’s Favorite Books to Share with the 4 Day Children

Parenting Books Recommendation from all the Teachers