Where childhood is honored, individuals are valued just as they are, & parents and children learn together…

At Sunnymont-Westside Parent Co-op Nursery School, we believe children learn best as nature intends them to, through play. Our teachers plan a curriculum, setting up the environment with specific learning goals in mind to provide students with opportunities for social, emotional, cognitive and physical play and exploration. We know that when activities are fun, more learning is experienced. The children’s job is to be children in this environment, and play, as they were designed to do.

Children are encouraged to develop at their own rate and in their own style as they play in a safe and warm environment where art, music, science, math, creative play, literacy, social skills, emotional learning, appreciation of the natural world, physical movement experiences, and laughter are a part of every day. We know that children learn best by playing and exploring these activities under the guidance and facilitation of adults who stand by to deepen, expand and enrich children’s play. Adults know and treasure children as individuals, and help each to be successful.

Each family works alongside our passionate teachers in the classroom, and contributes to the running of our school. Sunnymont-Westside families find that the rewards of participation are well worth the effort! The children enjoy an affordable, high-quality preschool program with a high adult/child ratio, and the parents become members of a vibrant and supportive community of families who help each other with difficulties large or small.

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