Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions - 1 Day Toddler Experience

For children 1 year old by June 1st
2019-2020: Tuesdays 12:45-2:45 PM

The 1-Day Class is a great way to start out a co-operative nursery school experience! Children in this class are welcome to explore inside and outside the classroom the full two hours while they are at school. And parents get to take part in their children’s first preschool experience together, while also getting the support they need from Teacher Debbie as well as their fellow parents.

Debbie does a musical group time in the middle of class, either outside or inside depending on where the kids have congregated that day, as well as an ending group time with music, dancing and a story, to end our time together. Whether or not the kids join in, the parents do join in with Debbie to model to the children what group time is all about - a lot of fun!

In addition to being able to spend one-on-one time with your child exploring together, you will meet new families, develop relationships with both the parents as well as their children, and become each others’ support during the ups and downs of the parenting adventure.

Toddlers and their parents come play each week under the support and guidance of Teacher Debbie, who has a wealth of knowledge, and a passion for helping toddlers and parents grow strong together.


In our 1 Day class, we have a smaller class size due to the timing of the class. Parents attend class with their child each week. Families rotate having the responsibility for bringing snack for the whole class. Each family can expect to do this approximately 3-5 times per year, depending on the size of class.

There are many different activities set up, specifically geared towards toddlers. See more in Our Classroom! Your child will choose where to start, and how long they’ll stay, and your job as the parent during class is to support what they are doing! It may be narrating their actions to build their vocabulary and understanding of the task, or facilitating them as they work out a challenging task. The 1 Day Class is the best time to explore, get really messy, and learn through playing in an environment that is set up just for them!

Working at a co-op means you are ready to engage with children and contribute to the school. Our school’s only paid employees are the teachers and a director’s assistant. That means everything you see and love about Sunnymont-Westside is done by the families at our school - from the moment you contact us for a tour, enrollment process, tidy and well-organized classroom, and well-maintained outdoor play area.

There is a parents’ education class in the evenings once a month with your teacher. The parents themselves are the teachers’ aides on their workdays, so these meetings are important for parents to understand their role, and help us support the children’s curiosity, emotional growth, social learning. It is also a great opportunity to connect with other parents, and to discuss any classroom issues. Each family signs up for two weekend shifts to help with school maintenance, and volunteering during one of the fundraising events. In the 1 Day Class, having a school job is optional.

Everyone’s efforts, big and small, helps the school and our community thrive! When you join Sunnymont-Westside, you will find a community of like-minded families, dedicated to creating an inviting and supportive preschool environment for all of our children.