Our Classroom

A typical day at Sunnymont-Westside starts with indoor play at any number of places inside the classroom - at playdough, manipulative toys, art, wooden blocks, dramatic play, library, “writing” center, science and a parent-brought special project; followed by a group circle time of singing, movement and stories.

After circle time, the classroom doors are opened by one of the working parents allowing the children to explore outdoor activities, or to continue playing inside. Outdoor activities include playing in the sand, water or mud play, riding toys, climbing structures, balance and gross motor activities, outdoor art, gardening, woodworking, or building toy play. We close our day inside the classroom with another teacher-led circle, and end the class together.

Snack is either eaten at tables family-style, or prepared and eaten by the children as a learning center. In the 4 Day Class, children bring their own snack in and Ongoing projects are complemented by daily projects.

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