Parent Participation Requirements

Each family contributes to the running of our school, and Sunnymont-Westside families find that the rewards of participation are well worth the effort! The children enjoy an affordable, high-quality preschool program with a high adult/child ratio, and the parents become members of a vibrant and supportive group of families who help each other with difficulties large or small.

Parents are the heart of a parent co-operative school!

When you enroll your child in Sunnymont-Westside, your family will agree to:

  1. Work in the classroom once a week.

  2. Hold a “job” to help the school run smoothly.

    At a co-op school, the parents own and literally run the school, so each family either holds a job, or pays a $85 a month job buy-out fee, which is used to pay for getting the job done. Some of the jobs require work evenly spread throughout the year, and others are seasonally intensive, with down time between tasks.

    For example, some parents serve on the school board, others make play dough, do laundry, repair toys, make library trips, help care for school pets, or help organize fundraising events. Families let the jobs coordinator know whether they’ll be holding a job or buying out, and what their preferences and skills are, and the jobs coordinator helps find an appropriate job for each family. 

  3. Attend a parent education class each month.

    Parents’ Classes meet one evening each month from August through May, either as an individual class, or all together as a whole school to discuss parenting topics and classroom issues, and to connect with other parents.

    As parents act as teacher’s assistants in the classroom, these meetings serve as our “staff meetings” as well as a time to share and hone our parenting skills and understanding of child development. Parents find that they feel more confident as parents and more prepared for the challenges of parenting as a result of these classes.  

  4. Take turns helping to clean and maintain our school.

    Each family pitches in to help with maintenance twice per year, or chooses to “buy out” of one ($150) or both ($300) maintenance commitments for the year.

    Each family comes in for a few hours on a weekend day once in the fall and once in the spring to either do some of the deep cleaning that helps keep our school in good shape for our children, or to help at a Work Day, when several families come together to maintain our facility, improve safety, and tackle new projects to enhance our children's school experience.

  5. Help to support school fundraising efforts.

    Our tuition is kept lower to make school more affordable for our families, and that means we all need to help raising the additional funds we need.

    Each family is asked to make a voluntary, tax deductible donation to the school’s annual fund, and to participate in fundraising programs as works best for them. In addition, each family is responsible for a 4 hour shift at a community event (fundraising, marketing, or social) during the year.